org.sormula Fundamental classes. An implementation of the active record pattern built on top of sormula. Thread-safe and transaction-compliant database operations used by ActiveTable.
org.sormula.annotation Annotations for row classes to define mapping between the row class and a database table.
org.sormula.annotation.cascade Annotations for defining cascade relationships between two row classes.
org.sormula.log Logging classes used by sormula.
org.sormula.operation Classes that perform SQL operations such as select, update, insert, delete.
org.sormula.operation.aggregate Classes that perform SQL aggregate operations such as MIN, MAX, AVG, COUNT.
org.sormula.operation.cascade Classes that perform cascade (one-to-many and one-to-one) operations that are defined by cascade annotations.
org.sormula.operation.cascade.lazy Implementation of lazy loading.
org.sormula.operation.monitor Classes for recording and reporting execution times.
org.sormula.reflect Classes for performing Java reflection operations.
org.sormula.translator Classes that provide mapping between columns and Java class members.
org.sormula.translator.standard Classes that convert values from standard Java data types to a prepared statement and to convert from result set to standard Java data types.