sormula simple (easy) object relational mapping
Object Relational Mapping for Java:
  • Easy to Use
  • Simple to Understand
  • Minimal Configuration
  • Portable
Easy to Use:
  • Executes as fast as plain JDBC (faster if caching enabled)
  • CRUD-ready: select, insert, update, delete, and save
  • No JPQL, HQL, OQL, etc.
  • No SQL required (custom SQL allowed)
  • No inheritance/interfaces required for most features
  • No singletons
  • No DAO's to implement
  • Accomplish most things with Database, Table, and a few annotations
  • Annotate only what differs from the defaults (convention over configuration)
  • Zero configuration is possible (no configuration, no SQL, no annotations)
  • Builder api (version 4.4+) for compact construction (optional)
Simple to Understand:
  • Simple mental model
  • No dynamic proxies substituted for your classes
  • No bytecode modification or post compilation
  • No second-level caching complexities
  • 30 examples provided
Minimal Configuration:
  • One jar (no dependencies)
  • No configuration files
  • No XML
  • Creates standard SQL
  • Tested against 10 popular databases
  • Works with any relational database that supports standard SQL and JDBC
  • Change database by simply changing JDBC jar and url