sormula simple (easy) object relational mapping
To Use Sormula:
  1. Install it:
    1. Download jar
    2. Extract sormula zip
  2. Add libraries to classpath:
    1. sormula jar
    2. JDBC jar for your database
    3. Use any logger that you like or none at all
  3. Use it:
    1. Create a Java class, SomeRow, that corresponds to a table in the database
    2. Annotate SomeRow class as needed to define table and column information that differ from Sormula defaults
    3. Add cascade annotations (optional) to define one-to-many and one-to-one relationships
    4. Open JDBC connection to database
    5. Database database = new Database(connection);
    6. Table<SomeRow> table = database.getTable(SomeRow.class); or 
      Table<SomeRow> table = new Table(database, SomeRow.class);
    7. SomeRow row =;
    8. table.update(row);
    9. table.insert(row);
    10. table.delete(row);